Traditional or Non Traditional

Which sort of bride are you? Do you like a traditional wedding with the white dress, attendants, church, traditional words spoken at the ceremony and formal speeches at the reception.

Or do you want a informal casual wedding at the venue of your choice with just a couple of close friends and family, own words for the ceremony and then a reception with no speeches?

How fortunate is the society that we live in that allows a bride and her groom to choose the type of wedding that they would like.

In my experience with couples I find they like a mixture of the traditional and the non-traditional which I think is wonderful. There are so many venues that provide the most perfect places to hold a ceremony and a reception that it is becoming difficult to choose.

What are the traditional things that you enjoy and would love to include in a ceremony?

I love the formality of the dresses, attendants, but also love that couples choose the wording of their vows which is such a declaration of love.

I love the symbolic ceremonies, the holding and blessing of the wedding rings, the exchange of roses, sand pouring or goldfish ceremony. Each ceremony can be different in subtle ways which is unique to each couple.

Let me know your thoughts….