Our Love Will Grow Stronger

My daughter, Alison Pearce often writes beautiful poetry for my couples. Following is one she has written.

Our Love Will Grow Stronger
By A. M Pearce

We have come so far along this road
That we have travelled together
There have been some turns that have been hard
We’ve encountered storms that we had to weather

But along that road we’ve found great joy
In great beauty we have gloried
There have been ups and there have been downs
And we have shared some stories

Whichever way the road has turned
We’ve stayed by each other’s side
Bravely through the thick and thin
On life exhilarating ride

Now the road ahead stretches before us
Twisting and turning, longer and longer
Whatever we may find on its path
Our love can only grow stronger
© 2007

Marriage Ceremony Reading

The Art of Marriage – Author Unknown
A good marriage must be created.
In marriage the little things become the big things.
It is never being too old to hold hands.
It is remembering to say “I Love You” at least once a day.
It is never going to sleep angry.
It is having a mutual sense of values and common objectives.
It is standing together facing the world. It is forming a circle of love that gathers the whole family.
It is speaking words of appreciation and demonstrating gratitude in thoughtful ways.
It is having the capacity to forgive and forget.
It is giving each other room to grow.
It is a common search for the good and the beautiful.
It is not only marrying the right person.
It is…being the right partner.

Reading for Baby Naming

There are many wonderful readings around for baby namings. I would like to share one of the readings that I really like for a baby naming which reflects our time. The author is Patrick Atkinson.

A Message for My Child
Author: Patrick Atkinson
I gave you life, but I cannot live it for you.
I can teach you things, but I cannot make you learn.
I can give you directions, but I cannot be there to lead you.
I can allow you freedom, but I cannot make you believe.
I can teach you right from wrong, but I cannot always decide for you.
I can buy you beautiful clothes, but i cannot make you beautiful inside.
I can offer you advice, but cannot accept it for you.
I can give you love, but I cannot force it upon you.
I can teach you to share, but I cannot make you unselfish.
I can teach you to respect, but I cannot force you to show honour.
I can advise you about friends, but cannot choose them for you.
I can tell you about drink, but cannot say NO for you.
I can warn you about drugs, but I cannot prevent you using them.
I can tell you about lofty goals, but I cannot achieve them for you.
I can teach you kindness, but I cannot force you to be gracious.
I can warn you about sins, but I cannot make your morals.
I can tell you how to live, but I cannot give you Eternal Life.