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To marry in Australia persons must be of opposite sex and 18 years of age or over. Exceptions may be made if one person is 16 years of age and under 18, with parents consent plus an Order of the Court. One partner in this union must be 18 years of age or over. People from overseas countries can marry in Australia. The same documentation must be provided to the Celebrant as for Australian citizens.

A birth certificate (if born overseas, a foreign passport may be acceptable); and

  • If previously married and divorced, a decree absolute of the divorce. If divorced in Australia, this is obtained from the Family Court of Australia; or
  • If previously married and widowed, a death certificate must be presented.


The couple must complete a “Notice of Intended Marriage” at least one month and one day and no longer than 18 months before the proposed ceremony. I have these forms available or can be downloaded from the Australian Federal Attorney General’s Department Website.


You will be required to sign 3 marriage certificates following the ceremony. The first is the official certificate which I will send to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages to officially register the marriage, the second is a duplicate which I keep as my record of the marriage and the third is a numbered Wedding Certificate, which you will be given as a keepsake.


If a female wishes to change their name after marriage, she must now apply for a Marriage Certificate from the Registrar of Births Deaths and Marriage in her State or Territory. Your numbered Certificate given to you by your Celebrant is sometimes not considered proof of identity for banking institutions, driver’s license or passport applications. This is why it is necessary to apply to the Registrar for that Certificate. The form can be downloaded from the Birth, Death and Marriages website. There is a charge associated with this Certificate.

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Our Love Will Grow Stronger

My daughter, Alison Pearce often writes beautiful poetry for my couples. Following is one she has written.

Our Love Will Grow Stronger
By A. M Pearce

We have come so far along this road
That we have travelled together
There have been some turns that have been hard
We’ve encountered storms that we had to weather

But along that road we’ve found great joy
In great beauty we have gloried
There have been ups and there have been downs
And we have shared some stories

Whichever way the road has turned
We’ve stayed by each other’s side
Bravely through the thick and thin
On life exhilarating ride

Now the road ahead stretches before us
Twisting and turning, longer and longer
Whatever we may find on its path
Our love can only grow stronger
© 2007

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